Casey says “We want to be doing it right now!”


Source: Nick Laham/Getty Images North America

Casey Janssen spoke on the morning show on Sportsnet590 The Fan last Thursday, and I must say I found it quite interesting. It’s always cool when I hear player’s own opinions and how they view the organization’s outlook. In this interview, Casey said:

“I think what we’re doing here is good, and we’re building something to be really great, but at the same time we don’t want to be building, we want to be doing it right now along with the future.”  A few moments later, he added “I think we’ve got this big run in us. It’s just a matter of when we’re gonna do it ‘cause I think all of us are 1) getting excited and few are wondering the same thing.”  

And isn’t that the truth. The Jays need a big run to get back into this thing, and I personally can’t remember when the last time was when the Jays did such a thing. I remember Colorado a few years back making that fairy tale run in September to make the play-off’s, and St. Louis last year caught the Braves. Even the Phillies overtook the Mets a few years in a row to win the division.  So it’s really nice to hear Janssen relay these sentiments and the fact that they think they CAN do it. That exudes confidence! 

Then just two days ago, Jon Paul Morosi spoke with Bautista who relayed similar feelings in the fact that he wants to go for it now too. Something has to be said for a team that decides to buy at the deadline and the boost that it must give players. Again, when was the last time the Blue Jays said “YES, we’re in this thing. We’re going to pursue the postseason.”  At the end of the article, Bautista also shared the fact that they do need more bodies in the clubhouse so that players can go back to their regular roles (i.e. Carlos Villanueva in pen). He stated:

“When you keep having four, five, six guys adjusting to new roles, trying to perform at this level, in this division, with the competition, it’s hard to do. So far, we’re doing great. But sustaining that is a difficult task.” 

So the question begs to be asked, how do the Jays go for it now without sacrificing the future?  And the answer my friends is to look at the lamest, sorriest excuse of a team this year in the AL…the Minnesota Twins…and more specifically, their pitching staff because that’s really what the Jays need – PITCHING. I also happened to find an interesting article this morning from a Twins perspective writing about this very issue – why the Jays need the Twins!  In it, Nick Nelson highlights five prospects that the Jays might be willing to give up for players like Capps & Liriano. However, I’m wondering if Anthopoulos could pry away other promising bullpen pieces that the Twins have since Capps is currently on the DL and Liriano is set to be a free agent. For example,

  1. Jared Burton – a 31 year-old righty who’s having a good year.
  2. Alex Burnett – a 25 year-old righty who’s also having a good year.
  3. or preferably Glen Perkins – a 29 year-old lefty who’s found his niche in the bullpen and is pretty lights out. 

So if the Jays are to trade a Marisnick or Nicolino for pitching help this year, they better get something else that can also help them in the years to follow.  Let’s hope that the Twins can indeed help OUR team. 

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