Wishing Snider & Thames Well!

Today, Travis Snider, aka the Lunchboxhero was traded as you all know to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Already tonight, he’s batting second in their line-up starting in RF, and will hopefully help them win a wildcard in the National League. This morning on the FAN590, Jeff Blair made comments about how he thinks the Jays never viewed him as an everyday player and that he’s pleased they finally got something for him. And with the way the Jays have handled him and kept him in the minors for so long, it kind of tells me that maybe Blair is right. Maybe Snider is just a 4A player and will never amount to anything more than a fourth outfielder.  There are others who disagree, like Wilner, who swears he never got a fair shake, and thinks he’ll be a future star once given more at-bats. In fairness, we really don’t know how his career will unfold, but we all can agree on the fact that we liked Travis Snider.

As fans, we remember Snider fondly because he was the big prospect that came up when he was 20 years old.  We knew he suffered from family tragedies due to the death of his mom and how him, his father and sister held strong.  He handled being sent down to the minors like a true professional and always, with sincerity, said he has to work on things so that he can become a better ballplayer. He attracted fan notoriety due to his tweets and comments on ‘meat’ as BlueJayHunter put it so aptly.  He endeared himself to the city with his twitter quotes from Dan Milman’s book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior“, and when Snider speaks to the media as he did last night with Jerry Howarth on the pre-game show, he spoke so authentically of how his late mom first taught him about compassion and how to treat people the right way. Indeed, he is a fine human being and we wish him well as a Pirate.

As for Thames…

…the second outfielder traded last night will always be remembered as the guy who always had a smile on his face, which was quite endearing in its own right.  He was sent down to the minors earlier this year and, he too, accepted it with professionalism. Yes, he’s limited defensively as a ballplayer and never had the prospect status as Snider had, but no doubt, he’s also a fine human being. We too wish him well as a Mariner.

As for the state of the Jays today on July 31st, 2012, MopUpDuty thinks our Blue Jays may just be okay!  Certainly, these trades signal the trust in Anthony Gose to be our future LF.

One response to “Wishing Snider & Thames Well!

  1. Browsed over to the Pirates’ SB Nation site to check out some of the readers’ comments and at least there were a few who were not too happy to see Lincoln go… Still can’t talk myself into liking this trade though.

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