Media is a bit harsh, don’t yah think?

While Yunel’s act was indeed premeditated — he clearly put thought into the writing of the comment on himself — the look on his face at the news conference was that of a man who knew he had made a serious lapse in judgement.

But more than that, this is an issue of deep rooted cultural bias.  Yunel, like all of us, is a product of his culture and upbringing.  Look how many years it took North American society to dissolve our biases against racism, and more recently homophobia.  Let us not forget, culturally, we are newbies to our now established views that there is no place for homophobia in our society, which includes ballparks, hockey rinks, and stadiums everywhere.

Yunel is still very much a product of his culture’s biases and is slowly being acculturated to North American world views on subjects like these.  This was a literal eye-opener, inversely symbolical of his beneath the eye message.

Yunel genuinely appeared to be a remorseful man today, not because his uniform may be on the line, but because he knew he had erred, and committed a cultural faux pas that has yet to translate in the culture of his upbringing.

I think not having Escobar in a Blue Jays uniform again is a little harsh.


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