Farrell to Boston?!?

Well it looks like it’s a done deal. I never really thought it would happen considering the fact that Farrell was AA’s pick to lead this team two years prior. Farrell came to Toronto lauded for his integrity and communication skills which he has been praised for repeatedly from Boston media and MLB reporters alike. I know there’s been questions from fans as to what does Farrell really bring to the Blue Jays, and yes I grant them that he didn’t do a whole lot to ‘wow’ the fan-base  but so what. What do we, as fans, know? He was AA’s guy and now to go back on that decision and DE-STABILIZE the whole team….?  What the hell?? The Jays needed a manager that everyone answers to and can believe in, and shipping Farrell out to Boston for Mike Aviles I guess obviously shows a change of heart that Farrell is not that man.

This Blue Jays organization right now actually needs stabilization hence the manager change is baffling.  They need to a show a commitment that they’re actually going for it in 2013! They need to attract free agents and show its players that their serious about contending. Trading Farrell hardly does that. It actually makes Toronto look like a laughing joke that they can’t get their stuff together.  In 2012, fans went out in droves to places like Boston, Cleveland, etc. to support our beloved Blue Jays, and now I’d be ashamed to show my face in Boston because of the heckling that would ensue – “Thanks for Farrell Toronto fan(s). You suck!”

Now Toronto can regroup and hire Sandy Alomar or promote Brian Butterfield or Don Wakamatsu, or whatever. They can use Aviles as a utility player (big whop!) or have him at 2B or SS next year depending on when Toronto makes up its mind on sticking with Escobar or moving him or even Hechavarria for that matter. That might be fine for a run of the mill .500 club. But it sure as heck doesn’t give me confidence that 2013 is going to be anything special.

Image by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

2 responses to “Farrell to Boston?!?

  1. What would you have done? Do you try and extend him? He may end up being a very good manager, but he may end up just being a guy who sounds smart but makes a lot of questionable decisions. Do you just let him manage for the last year of his contract? I don’t think that that helps the team attract free agents or is really that fair to Farrell. It also has the potential to be a major distraction during the 2013 season. Do you deny the Red Sox requests (or demand too much of a return), wait until the Sox hire someone else and then fire Farrell? That’d be an asshole move, and I think that if the Jays are going to fire Farrell anyway, getting Aviles as a return better helps the club than making sure that Farrell is not managing the Red Sox next season. Plus, there are a lot of impressive candidates for the Jays to hire as a replacement. I really don’t see how this could have worked out better for the Jays.

    • Personally I would have him manage his 3rd year and then make a decision to extend or not during the season. It seems though that my views are of the minority based on what I’ve read. It’s really upsetting more than anything else that AA made a mistake perhaps with this hire. Things aren’t turning out as planned in Jays land.

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