Alex’s Wish List

With what’s happened this past week with the blockbuster trade and the Melky Cabrera signing, I would like to pose a question about who else should be on Alex’s wish list (aside from a manager of course)?

Jonny Gomes would fit nicely as a RH DH compliment to Lind.

I’ve maintained all off-season so far that Jonny Gomes should be an Anthopoulos target that could spell Adam Lind at DH versus left-handed pitchers. Last year, he killed lefties with a .299/.413/.561 batting line for an OPS of .974! He made only $1M with the Athletics last year and surely is looking for a multi-year deal. Anthopoulos could offer perhaps a $8M 2 year deal (or thereabouts – I haven’t exactly analyzed what a right-handed DH is worth) which might entice Gomes enough to sign albeit Baltimore is rumoured to be interested as well. Gomes might be waiting things out by trying to parley his recent success into a 3 year deal, but I don’t think that will happen for a platoon player. He’s been a guy signing 1 year deals every since he was with the Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays….yeah, it’s been that long ago.

Of course this all hinges on any remaining budget room Alex might have left. It really is quite perplexing how Rogers’ perception has changed in less than a week – from cheap-ass owners who aren’t committed to winning to HOLY SHIT, Rogers is doing what Beeston said they would!! Even I wasn’t expecting the Melky signing after the blockbuster trade which brought in excess of $160M in future commitments to Toronto. I mean, I knew Melky could be a viable landing spot in Toronto, but no one could ever have guessed that the Blue Jays would go ALL IN! So if the purse strings are truly wide open, why not target Gomes?

If this happens, then Gomes/Lind, one of Bonifacio/Izturis (assuming one starts at 2B), Rajai Davis, and a backup catcher would be on the bench. That still leaves enough room to have a 7 man bullpen with a 5th outfielder of some sort. However a question remains about 2B. Both Bonifacio and Izturis are switch-hitters who both hit right-handed pitchers better. So who starts against lefties?

And who’s your backup catcher?

The silent assassin isn’t done yet.

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