Now that it’s official…

ra dickey

Personally I’m more excited about this Dickey trade than I was about the Marlins deal for one main reason. Don’t get me wrong, the Miami trade was outstanding because it meant that the Jays were going for it and went above and beyond any planned budget that was in store. Yes that trade gave Toronto a bona-fide leadoff hitter in Reyes, and filled the glaring holes that needed to be addressed in the pitching staff. I wrote previously at the time of the trade that Toronto still wasn’t considered by me the favourites to win the AL East having to acknowledge the prior continued success of the Yankees, and uh, the Rays if they can hit. I’m not counting on Baltimore of having a repeat of their remarkably lucky 2012 campaign nor am I suspecting Boston with its recent additions to blow teams away. Yes, the Red Sox will be better with Gomes, Ross, Napoli, Victorino, Uehara and Dempster, but as Jeff Passan puts it, these moves “aren’t going to turn a 93-loss (Boston) team into a championship contender.”

However now with the addition of R.A. Dickey, Toronto’s rotation will look like the best in the league. And THAT’S what contending teams do. They look at all possible options and go out and get that one player that will make the team better. Likewise, Mike Wilner states below from his most recent article:

The Blue Jays are no longer the team that hoards prospects and draft picks, building one of the best farm systems in the game, looking ahead to the point where they’re a powerhouse in some not-too-distant future. The Blue Jays are now that powerhouse.

It’s hardly “draft schmaft” or “damn the future, we want to win now”, it’s spending what you have to spend — in money and in prospects — in order to put the best possible team on the field IN THE MAJOR LEAGUES.

The above aptly illustrates how the Yankees have operated in the past. They’ve dealt Jose Montero, and Ian Kennedy (for Michael Pineda & Curtis Granderson, respectively). They’ve dealt Nick Johnson & Alfonso Soriano (for Javier Vazquez & Alex Rodriquez, respectively). The Yankees simply deal their young prospects for established Major League players, which the Blue Jays have now just done.

For all those fans that are iffy on Dickey, I don’t buy it. Look at his numbers the past three years. Anthopoulos also added Monday “…there’s so much overwhelming data and evidence that points to him continuing to have this success.” This guy keeps getting better! Furthermore, Toronto builds depth with this deal as J.A. Happ hopefully slides into the bullpen to play the long-relief/spot starter role and we get a bull-dog type pitcher to lead our rotation!

Moreover, in a poll by Rob Bradford, Toronto has been rated as having the best rotation in the division followed by TB, NYY, BOS, then BAL.

And John Lott adds here in an interview with Dickey today:

“…I’m going to do the same things for the Toronto Blue Jays that I did for the New York Mets, pouring my heart and soul into the team because it’s the only way I know to do it.”

He said he looks forward to a new chapter in Toronto, a city he called “beautiful” full of fans he called “passionate”.

“I enjoy culture,” he said. “I enjoy involving my family in things that are diverse and multicultural. Toronto certainly represents that in a lot of different ways. I think it’s going to be a fantastic place for my family to be and a fantastic place to go to work.”

“I’m all in,” he said. “I’m going to pitch my guts out for the Toronto Blue Jays, the fan base there. [Anthopoulos] knows what he’s getting and I know what I’m getting. I feel like that’s a good start to a good marriage.”

Well damn…welcome aboard R.A. I couldn’t be happier right now as a fan.

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