Reminiscing about Wrigley!

This past July, my baseball buddies and I ventured out on another road trip where we first stopped in Milwaukee for a Brewers game before veering down to Chicago for a visit at Wrigley Field.


Ah yes, Wrigley Field…what a sight to see!  I have to say I love this ballpark because the stadium itself is held within a nice uptown Chicago neighbourhood where people can just cross the street if they want to take in the action. There’s tons to do with many souvenir shops and local establishments full of Cubs fan for entertainment.

As you can see below we had pretty good seats this time around. During our first visit to Wrigley 6 years ago, we sat at the very back of the upper deck. So needless to say, we fared much better this time with our seats.  And the day was just perfect for baseball…until late in the game when some dark clouds rolled in and rain drops fell from the sky. But no body cared, at least we didn’t. Heck, we were in Wrigley!!


The light towers that you see in this picture were only installed in 1988. Before that time, all Cubs games were played during the day….imagine that!

During the game, after downing 4 tiny sausages the previous day at the Brewers game (known as the Grand Slam of sausages, which turned out to be quite disappointing), I got tempted again to try some Wrigley sausage. And yes, it was way better than I had in Milwaukee. Instead of just putting a sausage on a bun with nothing on it, this sausage was grilled perfectly with fried onions and green peppers – delicious!!

Cubs gang

Here’s the four of us showing our support for our Jays.

And the Cubs won this day beating the Dbacks where Ryan Dempster defeated Joe Saunders. After the game, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this song (video below) started playing and the the whole stadium was singing!! This was simply amazing. I was in awe. Have a listen below.

I asked a fan after the game and they said they’ve been playing it for 5-6 years now.  It makes me wonder why Toronto doesn’t have a song like this. Stupid Rogers! The Yankees always play Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” after a win, and Boston plays “Sweet Caroline” during the middle of the 8th inning every game! And I love those. It creates such an atmosphere and enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance. Through some quick research I learned that “Sweet Caroline” had been playing at Fenway ‘officially’ since 2002 and Sinatra’s song since 1997 at Yankee Stadium.

Of course, that evening we went searching for some famous Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and stumbled upon Lou Malnati’s whom you can’t go wrong with. It was simply delicious. In fact, a fellow patron inside the restaurant said that Lou’s was simply the best in the city, so who am I to disagree?


The next morning, we purchased tickets for a Wrigley tour and even got onto the field to watch batting practice as you’ll see Ryan Dempster swinging below!

On the tour, I also learned a number of things as well. Like for instance, their batting cages are held below the actual stands due to the limited confines of the park. There sure isn’t much space there.


Our tour guide told us that all batter’s eye areas (arrow below) that are in ballparks now were invented because of the situations that happened at Wrigley. Our guide freely admitted to going to games as a young girl and purposely wearing white shirts to them. This is what she’d do: whenever the opponents were up, she’d get all hot and sweaty and therefore have to take off her jacket. Conversely when the Cubs came up to plate, she’d get cold for some reason and have to put her jacket back on thereby giving the home team an advantage when it came to seeing the white ball come out of the pitchers hand.

cubs batters eye

We also learned that the Cubs took their neighbours to court over the fact that they were making money selling tickets to sit on their balconies to watch their product, and low and behold they won. Balconie owners now have to pay a percentage of revenues to the Cubs even though they’re private businesses.

cubs balconies2

There you have it – our tour of Wrigley Field – simply one of the best if not the best baseball experience in all of MLB. I hope you enjoy it should you be fortunate enough to attend a game!

One response to “Reminiscing about Wrigley!

  1. I too have been to a couple of Cubs games in the last few years. There is an atmosphere that sucks you in when your sitting back in the Chicago sun watching a piece of history.
    Like this post.

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