Pumped Up Jays – The Song

Here it is folks…the song I made for this blog (or rather adapted from the Pumped Up Kicks tune by Foster the People).  Words simply cannot describe how psyched I am for the Blue Jays’ chances this year.

Let’s get the party started for the 2013 season! Enjoy!

Here are the lyrics so you can sing-a-long too!

All the other teams in the MLB

You’d better hit, better hit, out-hit our team

All the other teams in the MLB

You’d better pitch, better pitch, throwin’ for your life

Alex has a silent hand

He’s building up the team

As fast as he can

He’s got a lethal weapon…JoBau hitting homers

A Canadian kid

Yeah, he’s found a gem in Lawrie

Back in the pen, there’s no way they’re gonna blow it

95 wins’ the goal

Jays are coming for you, yeah, they’re coming for you

Chorus repeats

Yeah, Alex works a long day

Robs other GM’s, yeah, he valued potential

He’s bringing us all-stars

Building the team, number one in baseball

Fans waited a long while

Not since ’93 when we repeated as champions

Gillick and Paul did the job

Now Alex calls the shots

The new beast in the east

Chorus repeats

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