Blue Jays Shoddy Defence Continues

Image via Brad White/Getty Images

Image via Brad White/Getty Images

Shoddy defence occurred again today in the Blue Jays 5-3 loss to the Yankees. Leading the way were 1) Izturis dropped a ball at second base on a potential double-play ball resulting in both runners being safe; (2) Lawrie missing a soft liner hit right at him that somehow got into LF; 3) Loup’s mistake of throwing the ball down the LF line by trying to get the lead runner at 3rd on a sacrifice bunt instead of just holding the ball since the batter was going to be safe anyway – this would have set up a none out, bases loaded situation with Delabar coming in; and 4) Bonifacio’s wayward throw to 1st even though Encarnacion managed to catch the ball by diving to his left to snare it.

Just brutal defence. Right now the Jays are ranked 9th in the A.L. in Fielding% and 14th in double plays turned – THAT’S BAD and speaks to the inability of our infielders to properly make the catches and throws that are making our starting pitchers pitch to more batters thereby raising their pitch counts thereby making the pen work more than they should.

But that’s not all. Our Blue Jays seem to be striking out at a torrid pace as if there’s a contest to be won by who can whiff the most in April. Ridiculous.

Here’s a look at the Jays’ batters and how they’ve faired thus far in 2013 (18 games played to this point)….

J.P. Arencibia 64 35.9% 1.6%
Jose Bautista 43 20.9% 11.6%
Henry Blanco 11 18.2% 9.1%
Emilio Bonifacio# 56 30.4% 3.6%
Melky Cabrera# 73 12.3% 8.2%
Rajai Davis 36 25.0% 0.0%
Mark DeRosa 33 24.2% 9.1%
Edwin Encarnacion 71 18.3% 9.9%
Maicer Izturis# 51 5.9% 3.9%
Munenori Kawasaki* 22 4.6% 18.2%
Brett Lawrie 15 40.0% 0.0%
Adam Lind* 41 7.3% 9.8%
Colby Rasmus* 54 44.4% 9.3%
Jose Reyes# 43 9.3% 11.6%
League Average 19.9% 8.1%
Team Total 613 21.4% 7.3%
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Generated 4/20/2013.

You’ll notice that Arencibia, Lawrie, Bonifacio and Rasmus’ K rates are just atrocious and the team is ranked 4th right now in (A.L.) strikeouts – although the Jays have ranked in the top 4 or 5 for most strikeout’s the last three years anyway, so they are a strikeout team. But still, it’s just maddening when they can’t put a ball in play.

They’re currently ranked 11th in the league for BBs and were 9th last year and 4th in 2011, but this generally varies from year to year. Still both Arencibia and Bonifacio can try for a walk every now and then considering the amount of playing time they’re getting.

At present, Toronto’s BA and OBP rank 13th; this is unacceptable for a team that is supposed to contend this year. Blue Jay hitters must focus on making contact and hitting the ball hard. It seems at times like they’re trying to hit a 5-run bomb when a nice little hit will do because the more runners you get on base, the likelier chance you’ll start a rally and actually score some runs, which yah know, teams need in order to beat other teams.

On the plus side, Toronto is ranked 3rd in homers as well as in stolen bases. Big yip. Fans want to see some wins!

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