I Can’t Stand the Red Sox

JoBau reuters jessica rinaldi

I couldn’t withstand putting a picture of the Sox celebrating here, so JoBau gets it – at least he’s had a couple of clutch hits lately!

When will the Red Sox just wither away?

I was hoping Boston would lay down and submit defeat this year after the horrendous 2012 they had. No one had them picked for 1st this year unless of course you’re an arrogant Red Sox fan that bought what GM Ben Cherington was selling in the off-season.

It turns out the moves he made haven’t been so bad. I especially liked the Koji Uehara signing to go along with their nice back-end of the bullpen, and I thought Jonny Gomes was a nice sign to play in their short left field. It just so happens he’s hitting only at a .217/.324/.371 clip, but has given Boston some heroics lately and by all accounts is a stand-up guy in the clubhouse where he keeps everyone loose.

As for Ryan Dempster, the anti-Canadian Canadian, he’s astonishingly performed quite well for the Sox by maintaining a high SO% (22.9%) despite higher than average BB% (10.7%) over his career and a greater propensity to give up the long ball (17 dingers in 16 starts) which could have been expected in such small confines at Fenway.

I’m most surprised though at Shane Victorino continuing to be the scrappy player that he is and playing a very good right field (UZR of 11.1). I was hopeful that  he would continue to regress as he showed in Los Angeles in 2012, but that hasn’t happened, not in the least. Then when you throw in a Pedroia and Ellsbury and Ortiz, that lineup is one that can score in bunches which indeed they have by leading MLB with 431 runs scored.

And I know Boston is well coached with Brian Butterfield standing in the third base box. I can’t stand it though when that deceitful, lying jackass John Farrell heads over there, has a nice cumbayá with Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz and they suddenly perform beautifully.

As for the game the Jays just lost, Red Sox fans had some tweets to share:

And while the above tweets aptly point out that the Jays should have had this one, given all the chances they had, they quite sadly weren’t able to get it done and therefore finished 2-5 on their disappointing road trip.

However, in the first tweet, there’s an underlying element of disrespect and gibing that really gets me going.

Then it just irks me when Red Sox fans say stuff like this:

Um, excuse me for saying but Esmil Rogers is turning out just fine thank you. But this is a good example of the throw it in your face kind of attitude that disgusts me about Red Sox fans. Yes, I know that they bleed red for their Sox, that they’re very knowledgeable about when to anticipate important points in a game while cheering loud for their team, whooping and hollering and all that good stuff, but come on – have some decency for other team’s fans!!

And while the Jays are STILL in the cellar, their month of June culminated in a .654 winning percentage – tops in MLB – so I’d like to maintain there’s still hope for the team even though it included an 11-game winning streak. The Jays pen remains lights out with an ERA of 2.90 (4th in MLB), hitters have scored the 5th most amount of runs in MLB for June, Reyes is back, and Dickey, Buehrle and Rogers have turned in good starts more consistently.

As much as I’d hate to say it though, I will make the concession as Jonah Keri pointed out on Twitter, “When contender has lousy pen pre-deadline, that’s GOOD. Easiest weakness to upgrade,” that Boston is indeed positioned nicely to win this division. They can easily improve their bullpen at the deadline by picking up any number of available relievers which will fortify their biggest weakness.

As a Jays fan though, I look forward to August 13-15 — the next time Boston is in town where they can return the favour.

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