Could the Jays be in on a Three-Way for Garza?

matt-garza-ap2The recent reports of Matt Garza being told he will be traded in addition to the rumoured interest from Texas and Toronto has gotten ideas following in my head and has fostered some interesting discussion from my fellow baseball-crazed friends. If Garza is dealt to Toronto, what kind of package would likely be required?

After some thorough discussion, a suitable package may include one of Anthony Gose/Aaron Sanchez and then perhaps Drew Hutchison and Marcus Stroman.

The question needs to be asked though – why would Toronto trade for an impending free-agent like Garza? They surely would have to open up their cheque books to ensure that Garza resigns in Toronto, and the trading of Gose would impact the Jays’ outfield in the coming years. If this trade happens, Toronto must know what they plan on doing on Lind’s option next year in terms of picking it up because think about it, if Lind is gone, then Melky slides to DH and Gose goes to LF. Without Gose, the outfield stays the same as is with Lind back at DH, but then the Blue Jays have make sure they retain Colby Rasmus beyond 2014 when he is eligible for free-agency.

What makes more sense is the Rangers need of Matt Garza. The Cubs seem pretty set in the infield aside from third base where journeyman Luis Valbuena is still manning the position and Josh Vitters is showing general futility in the minors, Mike Olt could be a player the Cubs covet. But dealing for Garza would acquire much more than that. That’s where the Jays come in.

Consider for a moment that if the Jays get involved and send a Hutchison and Stroman the Cubs way while the Rangers include 3B Mike Olt and another B level prospect like RHP Luke Jackson, the Cubs now have a pretty good package for Garza. If the Rangers are even interested in Alfonzo Soriano, they could pry him away quite easily too to man LF for the remainder of this year plus 2014 since their outfield for next year looks pretty thin at the moment with Nelson Cruz being a free-agent.

What’s in it for Toronto though? They have to be getting something worthwhile too, and this is exactly the kind of move Anthopoulos would get himself involved in – to try and pry away something of value that would help his team now and in the future. What if his target is Jurickson Profar? Hmmm….

Consider the fact that the Rangers still need pitching since everyone under the Texas sun is hurt, the Jays could send Josh Johnson their way, and then something else of value, perhaps a catcher of the future à la A.J. Jimenez even though I’d hate to see him go, he’s still a prospect that the Jays have been propping up and promoting lately.

All this is simply conjecture, but at the same time, it’s fun to play GM. For something like this to work, it all hinges on how desperate Texas is to win now.

So to recap this blockbuster:

Chicago – receives 3B Mike Olt, RHP Luke Jackson, RHP Drew Hutchison, RHP Marcus Stroman

Texas – receives SP Matt Garza, LF Alfonso Soriano, SP Josh Johnson & C A.J. Jimenez

Toronto – receives Jurickson Profar

So what do you think? Debate away.

Image by Morry Gash/AP

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