Carlos Beltran is Sure One Heckuva Winner

Image via ESPN.

Image via ESPN.

After last night’s 3-2 win in Game 1 of the NLCS, Carlos Beltran had this to say:

“At the end of the day, I understand that this is not about me, it’s about the team, because in order for a team to win a ballgame, a lot of things need to happen right, the right way, we have to pitch, we have to play defense, and we have to come through offensively, and thank God, it seems like I’ve been able to do that too.”

Man, talk about being humble. This guy is a true winning ballplayer who puts the collective above the individual, something I wonder if the Blue Jays have, or ever will have. It’s not like the Jays are selfish or anything, but often the narrative is that if they perform as they can as individuals, then they’ll be all right. You have to wonder if this is part of the culture change that AA has in mind this offseason.

And Daniel Descalso also shared this:

“We like to play in those dramatic games, (when) the pressure’s on. We’ve got guys that want to be up there and on the mound and come through in those clutch spots. That’s been the story for us the last couple years.”

He also added about Beltran, “He’s so calm and relaxed in those situations, it’s like he’s got jazz music playing in his head.”

Isn’t that the key though, to be able to play relaxed and not be over-anxious like the Pirates’ bats were in the NLDS and the all too-familiar Blue Jays when they’re faced with big game situations. Toronto just doesn’t have that vital clutch contributor yet, one that has ice-water flowing through their veins like Beltran. I mean, sure, there are times where the Jays do come through in the clutch, but to reach the goal of the postseason, it has to be on a much more regular basis, and there has to be some games, where they make insurmountable comebacks to win.

That clearly is my wish and the wish of many a fan.

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