Book Review: “Great Expectations: The Lost Toronto Blue Jays Season”

Great ExpectationsThis book was an easy read and absolutely enjoyable, it wasn’t at all what I first expected when I heard John Lott and Shi Davidi were going to release a book on the 2013 season. Instead of a boring recap of the Jays tribulations this past year, Lott and Davidi went behind the scenes and provided many previously unknown insights e.g. how hard they went after Anibal Sanchez, and gave glimpses into the psyche of Alex Anthopoulos, the team and other players. In particular, I enjoyed hearing Lawrie’s comments about how the team essentially tried too hard when instead all they had to do was play up to their own game individually. He alludes to the pressure they put on themselves and how that was a detriment to the team. Playing relaxed, my friends, pretty much sums up exactly what the Jays have to do in 2014.

Overall, the book flowed incredibly well, so it’s possible to finish reading it in two days like I did simply because I couldn’t put it down. Thoroughly entertaining! I highly recommend Great Expectations.

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