My Latest: A Baseball Hot Corner Update

As readers of this blog, and as a contributing writer to Baseball Hot Corner (BHC), I’m happy to announce that the team of BHC has merged with (PV) to become their baseball writing arm. If you’re not familiar with PV, you’re not alone. They’ve primarily focused on NFL, NBA, MMA coverage, but will now also have additional MLB coverage thanks to the BHC team.

I have to say it’s been especially fun writing amongst a team of writers who are passionate about baseball at BHC, and it’s founder Clayton Richer (Twitter @MLBHotCorner), found a way for all writers to start earning some money for their writing, hence PV. As part of their exclusive content agreement, I am unable to paste the first paragraph of my work on here, but will strive however, to provide links to my stuff and other interesting reads.

So without further ado, here’s my first post on PV: (p.s. it’s about the Mariners who’ve just become so darn interesting lately).

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