Varying Opinions and Fifth Starters

Here’s a quick post about a favourable couple of articles I’ve posted recently at Players View. First, if you and your friends had to rank the players by position in the AL East, how would it turn out? Would it vary a bit, or be kind of similar? Click here to find out just how varied a ranking can be amongst fans of other AL East teams.

Secondy, I looked at the fifth starter competition in Cleveland, which was of interest to see who had the inside track at the job. Speaking of fifth starters, do you agree with this:

I don’t know where Sportsnet’s Zwelling is coming from, but to me, Santana’s always been a #3 starter except for last year when he was a #2 behind James Shields in Kansas City. I’d envision a rotation of Dickey, Morrow, Buehrle, Santana and then likely Hutchison so the Jays can separate two righties with Buehrle.

Let’s hope Santana chooses the Jays, baby!

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