Ranking of MLB Team Aggregators

Today’s MLB fan most likely has apps that combine news about their favourite teams on their phones, however for this post, I wanted to undertake a little research project to find out which MLB teams are covered in an aggregator format via website. As it turns out, no other aggregator compares to the one that covers the Toronto Blue Jays – www.bluejaysaggr.com.

I did this primarily because I love www.bluejaysaggr.com and check it everyday for all my Blue Jays’ news. I love the one-stop-reading that the site provides – from major news publications like ESPN to local papers and columnists, to blogs of all types – which is all listed on one glorious, incredibly handy and eye-pleasing platform that they’ve created.

Of the eight other teams that I found to have aggregator sites, I ranked them in descending order according to how comprehensive their coverage was of their respective team. This consisted of the amount of news provided and the number of sources listed from both major news outlets and local blogs. The Yankees’ aggregator, I think, is the best one out of the list below.

New York Yankees – lists their own content plus the site aggregates from a rather large number of sources.

Chicago Cubs – lists eight sources for Cubbies news, but you have to scroll down to find their section. I also found CubsChronicles, but they do a much worse job only listing three sources.

Pittsburgh Pirates – this site actually lists many sources and does a pretty comprehensive job.

Cincinnati Reds – lists many local Reds’ blogs but has no major newspaper coverage.

Boston Red Sox – has 10 sources listed but some are dated or are not relevant to baseball.

Cleveland Indians – you have to scroll down to the Indians section where it lists three news and three blog sources.

Philadelphia Phillies – a lot of news is posted here, but it’s mostly from PhilliesNation and philly.com, nothing else.

Chicago White Sox – from the same site as the Cubs above, however they only list three sources for the south-siders.

For all other 21 MLB teams, I found a generic sports news aggregator, SportSpyder that does a pretty darn good job of listing news from national and local media coverage in addition to blogs galore! You just have to click on the team that you want to see from the top drop down menu. Enjoy the reading!

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