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Surmising the Blue Jays Playoff Roster

pompeyWith the Blue Jays about to clinch the AL East division any game now, and possibly today in Baltimore, I’ve begun to think about who might make their playoff roster. The starting nine of Revere, Donaldson, Bautista, Encarnacion, hopefully Tulowitzki (he may actually return this series in Baltimore), Smoak,  Martin, Pillar, and Goins should be joined by a starting rotation of Price, Dickey, Stroman and then Estrada (5th overall in the AL in ERA; 2.78 ERA in 2nd half which is tied with Verlander for 2nd best for any starter having pitched greater than 80 innings) when you need a Game 4 starter.  Continue reading→

How Often Are Top 50 Prospects Traded?

daniel-norris-1024Brandon Decker over at Beyond the Box Score wrote in March about trading top prospects for veteran starting pitchers and deduced that teams tend to over value their prospects when too often they don’t meet expectations. In fact, according to Baseball America which the article quotes, “nearly 70% of top 100 prospects fail, or can be considered busts.” So I undertook the initiative of checking which top prospects indeed were traded for current major league talent and… Continue reading→