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Should Houston Astros Begin To Worry?

mccullers (2)The Houston Astros at 36-28 still lead the division by 2.5 games over the surging Texas Rangers which is still very good. There might be no reason to worry considering that more injuries could unceremoniously hit the Rangers at any moment in time, and the Angels sure aren’t on fire. The Mariners are still very much a mess and Oakland can’t seem to build any consistency with their own injured roster. However history says young teams … Continue reading→

Who Will Be Selected First Overall in Upcoming MLB Draft

MLB 2013-draftIt may very well depend on which player has the best “mental toolbox”.

From former Basball Prospectus writer and PECOTA originator, Nate Silver, has come a book called “The Signal and the Noise” which caught my attention because not only is he a huge baseball geek, but he has put together one chapter in the book that I feel was rather illuminating. Silver astutely points out the challenge in quantifying a player’s “mental toolbox” which is so important to MLB teams trying to forecast those players who are… Continue Reading→